Ignite Youth is a place for 6th-12th graders to be challenged to grow in their faith. Students here get more than just a Bible study; they get a group that is focused on setting the world on fire for Christ. Through Biblical discipleship, a community of challenge, and outreach, we strive to love God and love people.
Beginning June 2nd
Youth will meet on Sunday nights at 5pm
Parents: If you have any questions before your son/daughter visits, feel free to contact the church office with questions or concerns.


To support our children as they grow from one level of learning to the next, we recognize there may be special circumstances that exist for a child such as school difficulties, cognitive or social issues, traumatic injuries, and other such issues. In an effort to assist our children and teens and ensure they are supported, we adhere to the following standard of practice: 

1.  Without intervening issue, children generally transition with their school grade level.

2.  When issues exist in the school setting, such as being retained in a grade, the Children's or Youth Pastor will meet with the parent or guardian to determine the best placement for the child/youth.

3.  When medically influenced issues such as cognitive delay or mental health issues exist, the Children's or Youth Pastor will meet wit the parent or guardian to discuss the child/youth's needs and determine the best plan for supporting the child/youth in spiritual and social growth. Our ministry team will work to accommodate situations as we are prayerfully able.

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