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Organized by Chester Christian Center's faithful children's pastor, Yvette Semon, we're excited to host this event focused on training our children's leaders, building teamwork, and providing a networking and resourcing outlet.

We hope you'll join this completely free training session and leave equipped with new tools for your children's ministry! Simply fill out the form below to let us know how many are coming with your team, and we'll look forward to seeing you on February 9th!


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ABOUT Chris Lee...

Chris Anthony Lee was born to Monica Lee on May 6, 1987. Chris has been a chosen vessel in the ministry of dance and has acquired many gifts as he became more embedded in his word and love for Christ. Chris attended Southern Enterprise School of Arts which is located in Cleveland, Ohio where he became even more interested in the dance.  Chris was under the teaching of his instructor, Beatrice Parker, and then shortly branched off to his own ministry which  is called "Humble Cry Ministries". Since Chris has been in the mime ministries, he has taught over 2,500 children and made a difference in many lives as he traveled all over the country dancing and teaching. Chris is now a member of the Temple of Pentecost located in Painesville, Ohio, under The teaching of Michael F Jackson.  His ministry has been going on now for 10 years; he plans to continue to grow in his calling, and someday open his own school of arts.

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